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Complete and
comprehensive training

Our trained specialists will guide your operating personnel and programmers through a comprehensive training program tailored for the unique needs of your organization.

We strive to further develop your personnel with the knowledge and skills which will ensure a smooth, trouble-free startup of sustained production in the critical early stages of machine operation.

The training program can be repeated at any time, as your personnel changes may dictate. Our goal is to see you succeed with your Buffoli machine, both now and in the future.
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Our training courses
Mechanics. A detailed description of the Buffoli machining spindles, indexing turrets, bar loaders, chip conveyor systems, profiling heads, multi-process modules, tool heads and control valves, including their operation, maintenance and repair procedures.

CNC operation/maintenance. A training session covering Buffoli CNC system hardware and controller software.

Machine operation. Detailed part programming, operator control panels, safe operating procedures, tool pre-setting, change over principles and trouble shooting.

Machining Process Design. Engineering principles that ensure profitability on new parts planned for your Buffoli machine will include tool selection, tool design and cutting parameter optimization (cycle time, tool life, tolerances, surface finishes, part quality, etc.).
Advanced Software. Sessions on the Buffoli Multiple
Power- Monitoring System, SPC and machine failure statistical software packages, and our digital image Visual Help trouble shooting software.

Buffoli Remote Monitoring Package and our 24/6 online service.

Preventative Maintenance Program to guarantee the value of your investment for years to come.
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