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Embracing the Made in Italy Tradition of Quality and Creativity

Buffoli Transfer and the companies of the BlueTechHub, the technology cluster of Buffoli Industries, are proud to celebrate the National Made in Italy Day.

Designing and producing in Italy to serve customers all around the world has been in the company’s DNA since the 1970s, as have the essence of creativity, attention to detail, and the centrality of the human element. It’s no coincidence that a depiction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man takes pride of place at the entrance of our headquarters, a symbol of Italian genius that embodies our commitment to innovation and quality.

Leonardo represents the rich heritage that Italy has given to the world in technical innovation, and today we continue to carry forward this legacy through our advanced technology and innovative solutions. Celebrating this day, we recognize Italy's historical contributions to global culture, cuisine, design, and not least, its extraordinary landscapes. We also celebrate the unique role of Italian creativity and meticulous attention to quality and details that have made Italy a global benchmark in the manufacturing sector.

Our industries, pillars of the Italian economy, export innovative solutions and deep technical knowledge worldwide, keeping Italy as the undisputed leader in the production of machine tools, where "Made in Italy" is not just a label, but a true symbol of excellence.

At Buffoli Industries, we continue to proudly support this value, exporting 70% of our machine tools worldwide, always under the prestigious Made in Italy brand. Our dedication to the highest standards of quality and innovation is a testament to our commitment to maintaining and enhancing Italy's reputation as a leader in the international machine tool industry.

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