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The Founder: Mario Buffoli

Mario Buffoli

Mario Buffoli (21.09.1929 - 15.01.2024)

Mario Buffoli: A Story of Entrepreneurial Courage and Great Empathy

In 1952, Mario Buffoli founded an engineering studio in the city, which at the time was already a true incubator of innovations and ideas. From there, Buffoli Transfer spa was born, a company at the forefront of the Buffoli Industries group, a leader in the design and construction of turnkey systems, with a particular focus on CNC transfer machines.

Today, the company is led by his sons, Edoardo and Francesco Buffoli, both administrators and, respectively, president and vice president. His wife, Mrs. Adriana Beccalossi, stood by his side for 67 years. Mario was a person who had that extra spark - says his son Francesco Buffoli - a creative mind, well-versed in mathematics.

He was also very cheerful, full of interests and curiosity; he could easily switch from art to mechanics".

The Growth
Buffoli did not come from a wealthy family and he made it "on his own": after completing his diploma as an aeronautical technician, he decided to attend an additional year to obtain a scientific high school diploma, so that he could enroll in the Engineering faculty at the Polytechnic University of Milan (where he graduated with honors and received the gold medal awarded to the top students).

To support himself, until he won a scholarship, he built and sold model airplanes, one of his passions. Thanks to his brilliant results, once he graduated from university, he received offers from various companies and even had the opportunity to join the teaching staff at the Academy of Faenza. "But he wanted to start his own business", Francesco continues, "and so he did, initially by selling the first designs of automatic machines for making road markings or products like breadsticks and Milanese rolls, without having a headquarters, renting a warehouse and hiring staff".

Then came the start of the line of cold stamping presses for screws and bolts, followed by Transferdadi, which would be exported worldwide, and the first hydraulic and suspended table transfer machines. The rest is history, a story of entrepreneurial courage and great empathy.

Mario Buffoli: the founder of Buffoli Transfer
Mario Buffoli (21.09.1929 - 15.01.2024)

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"His goodness, his sweetness and everything that made him a wonderful man will remain in our hearts forever".
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