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TRANS-BAR: excellent case studies

Why choose our TRANS-BAR
and MICRO-FLEX machines

TRANS-BAR bar transfer machines and MICRO-FLEX rotary transfer machines offer several advantages in the manufacturing industry.

Increased productivity
Precision and accuracy
Flexibility and scalability

A distinctive feature of Buffoli Transfer machines, known especially for the production of Trans-Bar machines, is the ability to work on parts directly from the bar, without the need to rotate the bar itself, resulting in advantages in precision, quality, and efficiency.

These machines are capable of working on a wide range of diameters, from 2 mm to over 100 mm, in various materials ranging from aluminum alloys to the most resistant metals.

Thanks to various quick-change systems, which significantly reduce part changeover times, and a stable and controlled process, the overall efficiency is particularly high (up to 98%) even without operator supervision.

Buffoli machines achieve tight tolerances, down to 10 microns, and surface roughness even lower than 0.2 Ra, when required.
Trans-bar production
Trans-bar production

By being able to work with dozens of spindles simultaneously, cycle times are minimized.

The control software, the autonomy of accessory devices, and the integration of advanced automation systems (Buffoli Industries is an official partner of ABB) allow for fully automated processes to produce quality parts without operator intervention for entire shifts.

Buffoli machines combine operations on static parts and rotating tools with operations where the part is brought into rotation, all at high speeds, up to 15,000 rpm and beyond.

machines are capable of working both from bars and metal wire, starting from 2 mm; Linear-Flex machines handle long shafts up to 2 meters; Omni-Turn machines produce extremely complex automotive parts in a matter of seconds thanks to the integration of various vertical lathes.
Buffoli Industries TRANS-BAR

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